Apple Mac Repairs

We offer a range of repairs and upgrade services for your Apple Mac computer. find out more information below, and fill in the form if you have any questions, or would like a quote.

Macbook Repairs

We can repair and upgrade an model of Macbook, whether it is the Macbook Air, Pro or other. Read below for more information, and fill in the form with any questions.

Apple Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is a very specialised piece of equipment, and requires the utmost care and attention to detail, which is not lacking at bComputing. Find out more below.

General Upgrades

Ram, SSD, Processors and more

If you are finding your Apple device is running a little slow, it could just need some TLC! We perform any and all upgrades on Mac devices, from simple RAM upgrades, for a quick boost, or even replacing your old, slow hard drive with a brand new SSD, to give your system a real kick! Whatever the requirement, we can do it.

Software Issues

Crashing, Virus, Slow?

There are a lot of things which can cause your Mac to act strangely, many of which are software related, either due to corruption, or incompatible programs. Even Macs are susceptible to viruses these days, so don’t count this out!

Hardware Issues

Cracked Screen, Keyboards, Case Damage

We have seen it all, well almost! But we are still surprised at some of the machines that come into us for repair! Whether you have cracked your screen, damaged the casing on your beautiful Macbook Air, or the keyboard has broke, we can fix it. Whether it was dropped, or had a cup of tea spilled on it, pop it down to the shop, and well will cast our expert eye on it.

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